Friday, July 17, 2009


Dear Chicago,

MC and I hit the road well before sunrise to get to the ferry terminal. Tickets were easy to buy and we were on our way by 9:00AM. Sunrise over the Rio de la Plata (it is winter here, so the sun comes up very late) was beautiful. The funniest part of the entire day: trying to figure out the Uruguayan peso! A cup of coffee was $120 pesos, but our gourmet lunch (filet mignon, potatoes and a glass of wine) was about $900 pesos... we finally did the conversion and realized MC took $1500 pesos from the ATM and it was only $60 US Dollars - unbelievable!

Sleepy on the ferry:

We spent the day exploring Colonia, taking in the vistas from the lighthouse and having an amazing lunch. We took a trip up the light house to see the view, checked out the downtown and old church, which was beautiful. Lots of portuguese influence, no surprise there.

Old fortress wall:

A beautiful house on the 'street of sighs'

Uruguay was amazing day trip but the cold got to us and we hopped a ferry home. A few hours later we were off to another amazing dinner in Plaza Serrano! It is so wonderful to have someone here to share the adventure.

Ciao Chicago!

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