Sunday, July 19, 2009

The eye of "El Tigre"

Dear Chicago,

Saturday was a cold, rainy day in Buenos Aires. MC and I braved the mist to take 2 trains north to El Tigre. It was far form the most glamorous way to see the city, but it was cheap and a good day to be inside looking out a window.

El Tigre is a town on a delta of the Rio de La Plata. Filled with vacation homes and rowing clubs, the little rivers have created islands accesible only boat. Mike and I took an afternoon boat ride through a few of the channels to see the cottages that dot the island. As it is winter here, most were closed or empty but it was a great little ride nonetheless.

On the boat:

Long lunch to warm up:

Tigre feels a lot like the Jersey Shore - in relation to a big city nearby, its a great getaway in the summer. We didn't get the full effect, I'm sure, but it is always nice to get outside of the city and take a peek around.

The highlight of Saturday night: Thelonius Bar. Mike picked this jazz club out from his guidebook -- what a great choice! This place was way out of the way and we pulled up chairs for a few hours of live music. The atmosphere was awesome - we could have been in any city in the world. A pizzeta and some Malbec kept up in check - we had a great night out in Buenos Aires.

besos - Tess

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