Sunday, July 26, 2009

Japanese Garden, A visit to the Apartment

Dear Chicago,

Today we spent the morning with each other at the Melia Hotel. Our hearts and minds were in Springfield, PA. It was a blessing to be with each other for a reflective morning. Lots of prayers went north from here.

A tranquil trip to the Japanese gardens:

The cherry trees were blooming even in the dead of winter down here. My parents reflected that this was the third Japanese garden on three continents they had visited this year - Taiwan, US, and now Argentina. Who knew Japanese gardens were the big thing to do? It was a beautiful afternoon and we had a great lunch at the Japanese Tea House on the property. My favorite: the goya dumplings were described on the menu as "empanaditas" - mini empanadas. Funny.

We cut through the Buenos Aires Design building and couldn't resist another photo shoot: (I'll spare the rest of the family)

We popped over to 'my apartment'to visit Christina and her daughter Maria Eugenia. It was SO fun to see the two parts of my life merge. K's spanish was great and she talked to Christina all about Spain and her nursing degree. I translated the best I could as Christina went on and on about my life in BA and what her family is like and the kinds of boys her daughters dated in high school - we covered EVERYTHING! Dad's spanish was pretty good too - we talked about the guy who invented bypass, also an Argentine.

Dinner was AMAZING - we were tuckered out after a tough morning and headed next door to the hotel for a restaurant called 'Fervor'. It was a cute '40s style restaurant and once again we ate lots of meat and potatoes. I had fish for the first time in 2 months. Muy rico:

Katie and I headed out to meet some of my friends for a cocktail at 878. I loved the place but it was a bit quiet, as it was early in the week. Another lovely night out in Palermo!

Chicago, I love Buenos Aires.

xoxo Tess

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