Saturday, July 18, 2009


Dear Chicago,

Today, Mike and I WALKED. We covered about 5 miles of the city. It was a gorgeous, sunny day that began at the Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve:

Next we walked the length of Puerto Madero to see the Puente de la Mujer:

The widest street in the world:

We walked through two barrios up to the National Congress building. Our plans for a free tour were thwarted by the swine flu - tours remain cancelled due to 'Gripe A'. A long lunch at cafe Victoria across the street was relaxing, followed by a long train ride home. This proved to be the first stumbling block in our trip together: in the business of the rush hour subway cars, Mike managed to get on, while the doors closed in my face... as the train pulled away, I yelled the name of our station and hoped for the best. Thank goodness he found the map on the train and remembered an intersection in my neighborhood - we met up successfully in the station about 15 minutes later! Crisis averted. Mike regained his confidence to go shopping by himself around the corner - he picked up flowers and ice cream for my senora. We headed to the house for dinner with Cristina, her daughter Maria Eugenia and son-in-law Ferr. Mike did great - his spanish got him through the whole dinner just fine! We ate well and discussed sports, the price of electronics in the US, shopping, tatoos, politics and the city of Buenos Aires. He was a big hit and, as always, charmed the crowd. I was very proud of his Spanish! After dinner we met up with friends from my program for live music in Palermo. From there it was off to a club for an authentic porteno night out - LOST was a big hit and Mike got the true Friday night flavor of the city.

Ciao Chicago!


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