Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Martes = Michael!

Dear Chicago,
I cannot believe MC arrived this morning!! He had about 23 hours of travel, bless him. I had an awful time this morning getting the car I ordered to show at the right time and after a nervous phone call from MC on a payphone, we finally met up! Many thanks to the 'vecino'[neighbor] who lent a very special "Crew Member" ID to MC's suitcase - what an awesome way to travel! (I cannot wait to meet you!) From the airport, we checked into our apartment and made a quick turnaround to get the most out of our first day.

Lunch at 'El Argentine' bakery in my neighborhood was adorable - empanadas, bocadito sandwiches and cafe. We hopped the subway to the center of the city to knock out the main tourist attractions: Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Avenida Florida, the National Cathedral - I noticed something here this time. In one of the alcoves of the Cathedral, there was a big frame of passages from the book of Genesis rescued from various locations after WWII. The frame was a tribute from Jews who were welcomed into Argentina after persecution. Amazing to read in Spanish.

After a solemn visit, we walked the length of Avenida Florida, the pedestrian mall and "Times Square" of Buenos Aires. MC has his first alfajor - cookies filled with dulce de leche. A visit to Galeria Pacifico and the Cento Cultural de Borges and we were finally wiped out. We window shopped and talked our way to a bus stop to head home. The ride was long but we finally made it back in time to enjoy some Malbec before dinner. While relaxing and unpacking, MC fell asleep - I couldn't blame him! He had traveled for about 24 hours. I ducked out to get some Quilmes and a giant calzone from the shop around the corner - sometimes the most random cheap meals end up being the best.

There is no translation, so once again I have to say it in English - I live a very, very charmed life.

Tess (and Michael!)


  1. Yay! Glad MC made it safely. Love reading the stories. Mwah.

  2. Hehe, thanks for the shoutout! Glad you liked the crew bagtag. We're looking forward to meeting you when you get back.

    Kyle and Daniel, Mike's vecinos.