Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shall we (go watch some tango) dance?

Dear Chicago,
Finally - a day of sunshine! We walked from Recoleta to the Puente de La Mujer bridge in Puerto Madero. We strolled down Libertador and cut over on a pedestrian mall at Cordoba. Mom found me a fabulous leather jacket.. I just might have to go back for it. We stopped along the way to get our empanada fix:

Just some women on the Bridge of Women:

This sign means "Red Sheep of the Family". Love it:

On Friday night we were off to a show. I had been waiting all summer to go to a Tango show with my family and I have to say it was a success. We were picked up at our hotel and driven to the theater where Carlos Gardel (world famous Tango singer from the 1920's) got his start. Expectations for a dinner show are not always met, but the food was great, the theatre was gorgeous and we had the best seats in the house - a table for four, center stage.

It was a great show!

It was SO much fun. The red wine flowed, desserts were delicious and the performances were unbelievable. There was a live orquestra on a riser above the dancers, which was very cool. The dancers performed everything from cheeky 1940's era dances to some racy dances in sparkly outfits with hot pink hair. The funniest part was a guy in the audience who would yell "YES!" as each number ended, right before the applause. Very funny.

It feels good to have some 'home' in my 'home-away-from-home'.

Te amo Chicago,


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