Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mi Familia!

Dear Chicago,

The first day with the family! I was greeted at the Melia Recoleta by Inez, a friend of Maria Eugenia who hooked us up very, very well at this place. K napped after her 24 hours of travel while Mom, Dad and I walked the neighborhood. I showed off a bit of the Recoleta cemetery and we had a bite to eat at La Biela (I really cannot have too much of a good thing!)

Early this week, I had asked Agustin (the sommolier from wine tasting class) for some suggestions of wine tasting adventures I could take with my family. We walked from our hotel to the Duhau Vinoteca at the Park Hyatt - a great decision! We tasted 3 malbecs and a Sauv Blanc. Paired with Argentine and Italian cheeses and we were in heaven. A gorgeous tasting room kicked the night off right.
Dinner in Las Canitas at El Primo, a steakhouse that has been on my list for months, now. It was divine - grilled ribs, a giant ribeye, chorizo and a pork shish-kebab - the four of us barely recognized ourselves as we devoured it all. Proveleta cheese and papas provencales disappeared with the rest. Another great find: the Alma Mora Malbec I'd read about that MC and I found was on the wine list at El Primo. More great Malbec in Buenos Aires! We finished the meal with a panqueque de dulce de leche.

It feels good to have them here. The rest of our family back home is on our minds.

Ciao - Tess

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