Monday, July 27, 2009

Nos Vemos Pronto (We'll see each other soon!)

Dear Chicago,

The last day always arrives too quickly. We had another divine breakfast at the Melia Recoleta hotel. I think that breakfast may be the best I've ever experienced. From there we packed up, stored the bags and were off to squeeze in another adventure. We did a 'drive-by' museum viewing. Degas, Rodin, Monet, Pollack, Picasso - done! It was a very efficient tour. Walking back from Museo de Bellas Artes we cut through the Saturday morning artists fair in the Recoleta park. I could stroll and look at all that weird stuff forever.

We strolled up Ayacucho to have lunch at a very classic Confiteria. Medialunas with jamon y queson (croissants with ham and cheese) and coffee to warm up, then off for more shopping! The Feldman's had great success at Prune & Clona. Purse: check. Hottie leather boots: check. Leather wallet: check.

We headed back to Recoleta with a very clear purpose: eat a giant lunch so everyone gets sleepy for the plane. We did our best with pizza and empanadas... heaviest foods known to man. I, of course, had no flight to catch but did my best with the food anyway. The restaurant was on Libertador - its called Panini and smelled exactly like Anne Marie and Joe's Italian store. Delicioso.

Another quick turnaround at the hotel and the gang was off. I saw the family drive off in a radio taxi and followed suit right behind them. Before I knew it, the text messages and e-mails were rolling in to let me know everyone made it home safely. I had a quiet weekend with Christina and lots of great memories to keep me company.

Getting ready to see Chicago in less than a week...

besos -

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