Monday, July 20, 2009

La Boca, San Telmo, Ezeiza, Fin.

Dear Chicago,
I could not believe that Sunday was Michael's last day. We hit the ground 'corriendo' [running] to maximize the time before his flight. On the way to the bus, we stopped by a store - apparently, I've been living near it for months without noticing:

The bus took us waaay over to La Boca, where we toured La Bombonera - the stadium of Bocas Junior. Very cool to see the inner workings of such a crazy place! I was disappointed Michael couldn't see a game, but this was the next best thing.

We snuck over to El Caminito as it started to rain, but sucessfully saw the famous colorful walkway on the South Side of Buenos Aires:

After a long lunch in San Telmo, we browsed the famous antique market in Plaza Dorrego:

We grabbed a bus back to Belgrano. A brief visit to Havanna for a cafe at one of my favorite places, we had to get bags and the taxi...

Before I knew it, Michael was at Ezeiza and I was heading home in the taxi. The driver was very sweet and tried to cheer me up, saying that airport goodbyes are always 'brusque'. It was the trip of a lifetime and it felt SO good to finally share these adventures with someone I care about. Thank you, thank you, and gracias to those who made this trip possible, both for me and for MC. I cannot wait to come home and show all of our pictures and tell stories. This blog was only the beginning!

Today I'm doing some last minute errands and exploration before more of Chicago comes to Buenos Aires - the family gets here tomorrow morning!

Soaking up every minute,


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