Monday, April 27, 2009

Manifesto for my Trip

This image is from the book "What Would You Do If You Ran The World - Everyday Ideas from Women Who Want to Make the World a Better Place" by Shelly Rachanow. I highly recommend it!

In less than one month, my plane leaves for Argentina!! South America has been my dream destination since my dad told me about a trip to Uruguay when I was a little girl. I'm taking this trip for a number of reasons - to immerse myself in the Spanish language, have an adventure before I begin law school in Chicago and to use my time as a volunteer to contribute to society before I spend the next few years with my nose in many books. I have many goals during this trip, all of which I hope to accomplish and enjoy. I hope to challenge myself and be daring - stay up late, eat cow stomach, drink red wine, go to Uruguay. I want to utilize this blog to track the adventures and experiences I'm looking forward to in Buenos Aires -- I'm doing it! The Oprah quote I came across resonated so well with me and the attitude I will bring on this trip!