Friday, July 31, 2009

Last day in the Villas

Dear Chicago,

After a week of private tutoring to close out my language immersion, I had the day Friday to volunteer in the field one last time. Many thanks to Mom's famous workbooks that made the 5,500 mile trip:

They will be put to good use in this place.

It was another fun, cold day outside. I ran a bowling game for about an hour and did worksheets and jump-ropes for the rest of the day. It was so much fun to play and run the kids around. I feel guilty being another transient person in these kids lives, but I do believe they understand that we come to have fun and help them with their homework. They were nothing but excited, smiling little kids. Watching them chase after the van at the end of the day was actually a bit tough to watch - but I know there are students that will keep arriving and helping out long into the future of these children. LIFE was a great experience, and I learned a great deal about these kids and Buenos Aires while working with them

The specific Villa I worked in this summer got a shout out from the New York Times

Paco is a mix of cocaine residue and dangerous household chemicals. I have heard about it since my first day in Argentina. The wealthy view it to be 'taking care of the problem of the poor people' in the villas, because it kills people so quickly after they begin using it.

I continue learning about the world from this place. Hard to believe that was my last day out there...

Home soon, Chicago -


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