Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boots and Bags

Dear Chicago,
'Peso' is the Argentine unit of currency and also the word for "weight"... I am bringing back so much stuff to Chicago! A note on the shopping here:

I researched all of the stores my book recommended for leather bags and had success at Qara. I went with the hopes of getting a medium sized bag, and what do you know - the only leather bag on sale (for a killer 199 pesos) was exactly what I wanted! Here's my new bag:

Following my wise mother's words, I am doing a lot of Christmas shopping here. In the face of the upcoming semester it seemed wise to take advantage of all of this free time. It was a brilliant idea... but I will need to be very, very creative in my packing tonight. Thankfully, I ate all of the Twizzler's and Swedish fish that made the journey with me and I used up lots of bottles of lotions and potions. In their place I will be bringing back:

2 pairs of georgeous leather boots

1 leather bag
1 large Christmas present for Katie
3 medium Christmas presents for the Feldman ladies
2 medium presents for Dad
3 boxes of alfajor cookies
2 boxes of conito Havannette chocolates
3 bottles of wine
AND MORE ... This should be interesting. I still have only the 2 suitcases I came here with. At least they won't weigh me and charge for the extra kilos I'll be bringing home on my person!

I will see you soon, Chicago.

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