Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Another day of early class followed by time at home to 'descansa' before FINALLY heading out to Spanglish. This is a conversation practice event I've been meaning to try out since my first week in BsAs. It takes place from 7pm-9pm, which is right when I get back from volunteering with the kiddies... but this Tuesday, I was committed. And to top it off - I went stag. Bold.

A quick subway ride followed by a colectivo bus ride and I was at the bar. The event takes after speed dating. Every is assigned a table based on their language - Spanish or English. We then rotate tables to meet everyone at the event and spend 10 minutes chatting: 5 in English, 5 in Spanish. It was fun! I met a lot of people and clicked with a girl who just got here from Chicago. A very interesting character (brought back memories of girls at the University of Iowa) but fun nonetheless. The woman who started the whole thing is an ex-pat from Downers Grove herself!

Carrie met me at the bar after the event to catch up. She and a friend spent the weekend in Mendoza - my favorite haunt. Another great start to another week in BsAs...


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