Monday, June 22, 2009

Conversation y Cafe

Dear Chicago,

I've finally connected with my first conversation partner. The program I registered with promises each student a local person with whom they can chat and practice Spanish. After a series of unresponsive matches, I finally met Sergio today. He lives in my neighborhood and today I hopped a bus to meet him in a cafe.

The espresso was great and Sergio was very nice. He's a funny, nerdy porteƱo (local) working at the University of Buenos Aires language school for residents (I attend the one for foreigners). He was very helpful and corrected my grammar as we spoke about travel and language. We spoke for an hour and a half! He has been to various states in the US and it was very funny to give him examples of how the Chicago accent differs from a Boston accent.

I've now contacted 2 more language partners and I'm hoping to meet someone every morning to share a cup of coffee and have a chat (as if I've ever needed a reason to talk!) After class, the girls and I went to a cafe to plan the upcoming weekend. We've got 4 days off and I'm hoping to get out into the country again, though trips are looking to be around 20 hours on a bus and much more expensive... we shall see!

This week I've got final exams and a big birthday dinner tomorrow night for a girl in class. Volunteering Wednesday and Thursday as well.


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