Monday, June 8, 2009

Cositas Pequenas

Dear Chicago,

There are little things I've come to learn and love about my new city:

- alfajores. An Argentine chocolate cookie filled with dulce de leche and dipped in chocolate.

- the word "boludo" - a swear word every Argentinian uses about all sorts of things

- hearing "Che" all the time. It means 'hey'. Also the nickname of a Mr. Guevarra.

- Counterfeit bills are a problem here and I've seen a few - they look and feel like money printed on computer paper. No one does anything about it because it still seems to serve its purpose - it doesn't seem to be worth anyone's trouble to report or turn in the fake bills! I've gotten a few and had a moment of eye contact with the person I take it from or hand it to - but no one cares!

- Everything that has a double L or y is pronounced like a J. 'Yo' is 'Joe", "alla" is "Ajja". I've had to change the way I speak but I'm getting used to it. It sounds like very fluid, beautiful Italian.

- Croissants are called 'medialunas'- half moons. They are a part of two meals a day - served sweet at breakfast and hot with ham and cheese for lunch.

- Most women wear skinny jeans/pants with knee high boots. Fabulous.

- There is a slight chill in the air as winter approaches, and everyone thinks its freezing! At 50 degrees all of the dogs are in sweaters and jackets!

- The value of the silver contained in Argentine coins is worth more than the value of an Argetine peso. The notorious lack of coins in the city stems from people melting down coins and selling the silver with a government unable to recreate the currency.

-submarinos. Hot milk served with a giant bar of chocolate to plop into the milk like a submarine. Delightful. Coffee is always served with a tiny glass of seltzer to clean your mouth after your beverage. Cute.

Learning something new everyday!


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