Monday, June 29, 2009


Dear Chicago,

Monday was my first day of school at the GIC center. I changed my program for two reasons: classes are during the morning and they are also 4 hours instead of three. The idea was more spanish and more free time: So far, I'm doing fine on both. The extra hour of class is nice and while my new Prof Alania is very strict, I am learning.

A lot.

Of grammar.

Fortunately I've been supplementing with conversation partners. Agustin met me at a cafe near my apartment for a conversation hour that went really fast. It was great to meet another new person and learn their take on the city. He was helping me practice as a favor to a friend who bailed on me, which was nice (though I don't know if he really wanted to be there). His job sounded tough - he divides up 401Ks when people who work for Exxon get divorced. Interestingly, he does this mostly for couples from the US (and Exxon makes a killing on the salary they pay him vs. his US counterparts).

Another great Monday and a great excuse to enjoy more time in a cafe. Class early tomorrow!


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