Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Dinner Party

Dear Chicago,

With the monthly turnover of students and weekend adventures of other friends, I found myself home on Friday night without any plans. My senora Cristina always has her daughter over for dinner on Friday, but this week we were joined by son-in-law Ferr and a friend of the family's daughter as well. The quiet Friday night I had expected never arrived - we had a great time! The five of us spoke in Spanish for a 3 and a half hour dinner. I held my own well as we discussed the upcoming elections, travel, shopping, boyfriends, weight gain and smoking. I had lots to say and enjoyed the conversation and food - individual pot pies for everyone. Ferr is hilarious and I clicked with the girl who joined us. I may road trip with her to Lujan de Cuyo next weekend - proud town of the only basilica in Argentina the Pope visited. It was an evening out of a movie and I had a great time. Cristina is so wonderful to make me feel so included, and I learned more Spanish that night than I would in class. Good food, good friends - a very good Friday.



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