Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pico Iyer -- #1 and #2

Dear Chicago,

The day before I left for Argentina, I came across an article in Real Simple Magazine. Pico Iyer, a famous travel writer, composed "10 Things Every Traveler Should Do". His list applies to camping trips as well as trips to the other side of the globe, so I ripped out the page and brought it with me. I have to say that my personal list will look a little different than his, but I'm writing about each of his suggestions as I go. In the following days, I will present my list of the 10 things I've done and what I experienced along the way. To start:

#1. "Savor every moment of your first few hours". I knew this one would be tough to remember, so I wrote in my journal as I took a taxi from the airport to La Lucila. I was very calm as I arrived in Buenos Aires, so I really was able to savor everything. As my Dad had described, the city buildings looked tired and worn. It was wonderful to have a long, leisurely drive down avenues through the city, and it was a gorgeous warm day. Arriving to Liliana's house I was met by an equally warm Ani. The sun was shining and I began to practice Spanish right away. My first hours in Buenos Aires were simply delightful.

#2. "Embrace the Prospect of Being a Tourist" This one was a little tricky, as being a tourist in this city frequentley means getting robbed or ripped off (or kidnapped). However I have been met with only much patience when I mangle the language and have always been pointed in the right direction to find a subway. As always, I'm not missing a single museum or landmark and have graduated to seeing famous cafes and tango halls.

More of Pico Iyer's tips and my take on them later. After letting rush hour fly past my cafe window, I'm back to the subway after another stint volunteering. Tonight I will have dinner at the house and hopefully, have a whole night of exploring ahead of me once again.

Ciao, Chicago!


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