Friday, May 29, 2009

Palabras de mis hermanas

Dear Chicago (y mis hermanas),
If I thought it was difficult for people to understand me here – just wait until I try to describe my sisters and our sense of humor! Imposible – nadie en el mundo pueden entendernos. Y me gusta mucho eso! Besos chicas – xoxo saben que me aman – GG

Funny notes I’ve found in my suitcase:
K crying as she watches T’s plane fly away.
K looks like she is miserable without T.

Looks like little red riding hood won’t find her way home this summer. Xoxo GG

My other favorites:
The Titanic is unsinkable
Chewy. Tastes like a balloon.

(Also I've received some random cards – my favorite being a Christmas card - gracias, K) Let us not forget the two of you trying to pull out a grey hair while I distribute weight in my suitcases and speak to the United Airlines clerk. Me da una sonrisa, esto momento. :)

Te amo - Tess

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