Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home Stay....

Dear Chicago,

I'm at the new house today. I moved yesterday. I don't know what to say - its different. And not clean.

This morning I'm meeting a girl in my neighborhood who is a member of the same exchange program. It will be good to talk to another girl and see what her house looks like. Maybe I will gain some perspective... My escape will be a futbol game, thank goodness! The friends of the family (my 'old' house) invited me to see a Bocas Jr. game at their private box at the staduim!! I cannot wait. It should be an amazing experience to see such an important part of their culture from such a great vantage point. After the game they've invited me to a big Sunday dinner at their home. It will be wonderful I am sure - I already miss them. Seriously.

Tomorrow I have orientation and my first class. I'm looking forward to developing some type of schedule. Last night and this morning have proved to be the first difficult days of my adventure but I am doing my best! Hopefully I will have lots to report on a move to a new place...

I miss everyone very much!


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